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Description: The British Library, located in London, is one of the biggest research libraries in the world. The library boasts over 150 million types of research m... Read More Below
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The British Library is one of the world's largest, with an estimated 150 million items, ranging from rare books to newspapers to philatelic collections. The core of the historical collection originates from bequests by private individuals, including King George III, whose anthology is stored in one of the focal points of the library, the King's Library, a four-storey glass tower in the centre of the purpose-designed building. The collections were largely fragmented until 1997, when they were moved to the current site in Euston Road, reputed to be the UK's largest public building constructed in the 20th century. Publicly displayed items include the Gutenberg Bible and Chaucer's Canterbury Tales whereas national treasures, including Da Vinci's notebooks and the Lindisfarne Gospels, may be viewed online. Located in the London Borough of Camden, the British Library is sited between Euston and St Pancras Railway Stations and is serviced by 13 bus routes.

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